What your favorite e-liquid says about you

4 months ago

We’ve broken your favorite e-liquids into 11 categories, we’ll discuss the 5 most common categories. picture © sigmagazine.it

We’re all different with a unique combination of personality traits, so it’s no surprise there is such a wide variety of e-liquids out there. We’ve broken them down into 11 categories and we’ll discuss what your preference for the five most common categories say about your personality.  

Fruity and citrus flavors

When you just can’t stop vaping that nice mango or tropical orange flavors, you might be looking for a way to calm your mind, take care of your body and get rid of the stress that comes with daily life.

Brazilian scientists discovered that fresh fruit and more importantly citrus smells, have a relaxing influence on us. The study found that people suffering from anxiety found comfort in the revitalizing and calming effects associated with fresh fruit and citrus.  As citrus is related to immunity boosts, people’s craving for it can stem from subconscious worries about their health.

So if you are an energetic person with a busy life, wanting to maintain your pace, your favorite flavors will probably be citrus and other fruity flavors.

Sweet and candy flavors

If your closet is filled with sweet gummi bear and other candy fruit liquids, you are most likely to be carefree and live every day with a contagious, almost child-like enthusiasm that lights up the whole room.  

Research of 2011 discovered that people with a sweet tooth tend to be friendly, outgoing and caring. Essentially, a lively sweetheart that likes to have a good time. A possible reason for this might lie in breast-feeding. Breast milk is inherently sweet which leads to psychological associations with compassion due to the emotional attachment between mother and child.

So if you are a loveable person who wants you and your friends to have a good time when you’re together, you’re most likely to be geared towards sweet and candy flavors.

Menthol and mint flavors

Do you prefer menthol and mint flavors? That probably means you like to make informed decisions and keep you focus.

A recent study showed that people who enjoy mint or menthol flavors always think before they act and are often very creative. This is due to the fact that consuming or smelling peppermint improves memory and effectiveness therefore or we link these benefits to the taste as well.

So if you are a high performing professional, an artist or an active thinker, you’ll probably enjoy menthol flavors the most.

Dessert and breakfast flavors

When you just can’t get enough of vanilla custard, donut, or chocolate flavors you’re probably the flirtatious or romantic one of your group.

Hirsch’s research found that chocolate lovers trust their instincts more then anything else,  they truly enjoy intimacy and romance but take a guilty pleasure in the drama to. Furthermore, dessert enthusiasts often represent the prototype of their sex, the macho man and feminine woman.

So if you’re the one telling your friends always to follow their heart you’re probably doing so while vaping some creamy milk chocolate liquid.

Tobacco flavors

If you prefer tobacco flavors that means two things, you either just started to vape and want to start off with something familiar or you just like things simple and uncomplicated.

You don’t have to be genius to understand why people who just started vaping prefer tobacco flavors. However, it’s interesting to study the reason why this preference, with some people, does not evolve over time. When linking this to the big five personality traits, the preference for tobacco flavors are most common with people with low openness to experience and low agreeableness.

So if, as an experienced vaper, you like things done your way, you are pragmatic  and you don’t see the need to change things around all the time, you probably like your juices the best when they are tobacco flavored.

We dove in five of the most common liquid categories and what they say about your personality today but there is more to discover. Do you prefer sour, cream, vanilla, beverage or nut flavors over anything else? Tune in next month to discover what that says about who you are!